Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center in California

Believe Detox Center is one of the most trusted addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles, California. Since the start, we offer a blend of quality and quantity of rehabilitation programs. Whether you want to get rid of alcohol or drugs, our therapists are here to meet your needs. We describe us as a family catered to get you back in a prosperous life.

Throughout years of practice, we have treated various patients with chronic addictions. We at Believe Detox Center believe in treating a patient as a “whole person.” It means we not only work on addiction but also improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. That’s how we have gained pride in being among the top rehab centers in California.

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat patients in a nonjudgmental environment with clinical care and ASAM-approved medications. At Believe Detox Center, we dedicated ourselves to making the addiction treatment as comfortable as possible. Our therapists treat every patient with respect and authenticity just like a family.

“Throughout my career, I’ve seen addiction taking thousands of American lives. It’s often people who don’t enroll in the treatment after looking at the withdrawal symptoms. Also, I wonder how rehab centers treat patients pathetically and most of the leaves in between. We come up with the idea of treating patients as a family and getting them back to a sober lifestyle.

Our Believe Detox Center focuses on effective and comfortable addiction treatment. From holistic activities to the aftercare program, we’ve included some interesting things for better engagement. I’ve guided my therapists to treat every patient with respect, dignity, and potential as a family member. It’s a blessing for us to receive a positive response and looking forward to serving more patients with a sober life.”

  • CEO Believe Detox Center

Why Choose Believe Detox Center for Addiction Treatment?

Clinically Proven Therapies

At Believe Detox Center, we offer the most effective therapies to treat alcohol and drug addiction. Our rehabilitation process is a blend of medication, treatments, and behavioral change. Whether you are looking for individual care or group therapy, we are here to meet your recovery preferences.

Let’s have a look at our therapies and treatments

  • Sub-Acute Detox
  • Residential Program
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Alumni and Aftercare Programs

Experienced Therapists

When it comes to recovering from addiction, only treatments aren’t enough. A trained therapist plays the most crucial role in making the addiction treatment comfortable and successful. At Believe Detox Center, we have a team of experienced therapists and professionals to support your recovery.

Meet Our Team at Believe Detox Center

  • Specialists of Addiction Care and Recovery
  • Trained Psychiatrists
  • Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Gourmet Chef
  • Trained Discharge Coordinators

24/7 Service

Addiction and its symptoms do not watch time on the clock to attack your health. Problems can occur anytime throughout the day. So, our vocational nurses stay available 24/7 in your service. They have expertise in handling chronic symptoms that you may face anytime during the treatment.

Nonjudgmental Loving Environment

Believe Detox Center has changed the definition of hospitalized treatment with a loving environment. We offer both individual and group therapies to meet every patient’s preference. Also, our therapists know how some patients feel shy to discuss their problems in the group. That’s why we conduct individual sessions thrice a week for effective addiction treatment.

Long-Term Stabilization

Our motive for long-term stabilization is what makes us stand out in the industry. Drug and alcohol addiction has the strongest chances of relapsing even after successful treatment. At Believe Detox Center, we believe in long-term stability instead of just removing addictive habits from your system. Our therapists conduct aftercare programs every week to resolve your problems or doubts if any.

You’re Just a Call Away from Our Therapists

Take a positive step towards a sober, healthy, and prosperous lifestyle. Call us today at (818)626-3990 to avail of the best alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Los Angeles.

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