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A Basic Guide on the Holistic Approach to Depression

The importance of the holistic approach to depression can never be stressed enough. Up until about a decade ago, society knew very little to nothing about this condition. Nowadays, we have a much broader and healthier outlook on depression. While medications and talk therapy are still part of the program, experts are now recommending other forms of treatment like changes in diet and a more active lifestyle. If you happen to be at a loss as to how this type of treatment works, this article should inform you. And fortunately, there are holistic rehabilitation centers that cater to this type of practice. 


Diet plays an integral role in one’s well-being. Apart from the physical, it also affects a person psychologically. Consume nothing but sweets for an entire day, and you’ll likely go through a sugar crash after feeling that initial burst of energy. 

On the flip side, a diet of healthy fats, veggies, and whole grains will have a better effect on your body and well-being in the long run. 

This is why experts consider diet as the holistic approach to treating depression. Many would recommend a whole food diet, and for good reason. Supplementation of Vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids are also encouraged. 

holistic approach to depression


We all know the benefits of exercise for our physical health. But many mental health professionals also attribute having a positive disposition to living an active lifestyle. 

Studies have found a connection between working out and the reduction of depression symptoms. Likewise, other research indicates that regular exercise causes positive biochemical changes in the brain. The effect is said to be similar to the rise in serotonin levels brought on by prescription drugs. 

This is another reason why doctors recommend exercise to their patients who are unable to take medication. It’s the more organic approach without certain side effects. 

Yoga and Meditation

Anxiety is one of the known triggers and aggravators of depression. We’re either fixated too much about the past or too worried about the future. Sometimes, it’s the failure to be present that causes these downward spirals of emotions. 

This is where yoga and meditation come in as potential treatment options for depression. Both are mindfulness practices that help keep a person present and in the moment. 

Meditative practices don’t always have to be as extensive as sitting in a corner and keeping still. For a depressed person, this can be a laborious undertaking. But something as simple as taking slow, deep breaths can be very helpful. 

A Holistic Rehabilitation Center For You

If you’re residing in the Granada Hills area of Los Angeles, there is a holistic rehabilitation center that offers these diverse forms of therapy. Here at Believe Detox Center, we have different programs to cater to your needs. Whether you or a loved one are dealing with alcohol abuse, or dependence on substances like cocaine, heroin, or opioids, we are here to help you conquer them. 

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