detox facilities in los angeles

Detox Facilities in Los Angeles Offering Family Interventions

Reputable detox facilities in Los Angeles know the importance of family interventions as part of the recovery process. In most cases, many patients will have been abandoned by friends and peers, and their families are all they’ve got.  In other instances, family interventions are necessary to help the patient realize how their substance abuse is…

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residential alcohol rehab

Residential Alcohol Rehab: Definition, Types of Treatment, and More

Have you been curious about residential alcohol rehab but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Does it seem like there are so many “residential treatment centers” that all tend to blur together? Here in Southern California, there certainly aren’t many residential centers to choose from. At Believe Detox Center, we do everything in our…

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alcohol detox programs

What You Can Expect from Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Have you been researching drug and alcohol detox programs but feel like so few of them tell you what your treatment will actually entail? Are you tired of looking at one site or another that just shows you pretty pictures of a facility without getting into specifics? We know that when you’re looking for a…

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Sound Therapy Healing

The Benefits of Sound Therapy Healing in Rehab

The most effective healing should touch on all aspects of one’s well-being. Addiction can cause so much damage to a person’s body and spirit.  It is widely known that sound healing can help with physical and emotional recovery. Music, for one, can potentially reduce stress, help stimulate memories, and even ease pain. Multiple studies back…

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Holistic Health

What is Holistic Health and How Does It Apply to Rehab?

By definition, holistic health is an approach that encompasses multiple aspects of a person’s well-being. Apart from the physical, it also includes mental, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health.  Prolonged use of either alcohol or hard drugs will take a toll on a person’s entire existence. That’s true whether it’s due to physical deterioration, broken…

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healing recovery

How Does Healing Recovery Help During Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Are you in the process of researching rehab and detox treatment facilities for yourself or someone that you love? Have you read about “healing recovery” and aren’t sure exactly what it means? At first glance, a phrase like that might seem like simple buzzwords, a marketing tactic, something that could be responded to with: “wouldn’t…

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Alcohol Rehab Centers

What Do Alcohol Rehab Centers Do?

In a nutshell, alcohol rehab centers are meant to help patients to identify the underlying, root causes of their alcohol addiction. Then, the goal is to develop lifelong strategies for leading a healthy, sober, and happy life. Treatment usually involves three main phases: detoxification, abstinence maintenance, and long-term recovery. In addition to taking care of…

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