cocaine addiction

The Signs and Stages of Cocaine Addiction

Are you worried that you or someone you love is addicted to cocaine? So often, those struggling with addiction are the last to realize that they are, indeed, struggling with addiction. If you’ve tried to stop using cocaine and can’t (or, alternatively, haven’t even been able to cut down on your abuse) then you need…

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rehab retreats

How Long Can I Stay at Rehab Retreats?

So you’re planning to check yourself or a loved one into a rehab retreat. You’ve gone through the first hurdle of recognizing the need for professional assistance, and that alone merits some props. Now, the question becomes more about what to expect. Most importantly, how long can a patient stay at rehab retreats?  This is…

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substance abuse rehab aftercare

Substance Abuse Rehab Aftercare: What is It, and Why Is It Important?

Substance abuse rehab aftercare is equally as important as the detoxification process. During this stage, patients are made to experience a life without dependence on detrimental substances like alcohol, hard drugs, and opiates. It is an essential step in making sure that relapse does not happen.  But there are many other things that go on…

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