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Dual Diagnosis Applied to Substance Abuse: What You Need to Know

Are you struggling with both depression and addiction? Is there someone you love who has a mental health concern as well as a chemical dependency on a toxic substance? People tend to have these two problems at the same time more often than many may think. The truth is that if you or someone you love struggles with both addiction as well as a mental health concern, then the best treatment is very likely a “dual diagnosis.” We specialize in this unique treatment here at the Believe Detox Center. 

The Facts About Dual Diagnosis 

As mentioned, more people than you might think could best be served by this treatment. For example, it’s been said that roughly a third of those with a diagnosis that could be classified as “mentally ill” abuse drugs or alcohol. Indeed, essentially half of those with severe mental disorders also are affected by substance abuse in their lives. More than half of those with drug addictions (as well as a third of those with alcohol addiction) also have a mental illness as well. Here at Believe Detox Center, we’ve helped so many to be able to overcome the root causes of which these addictions are symptoms. 

dual diagnosis

Signs That This Diagnosis Could Be Right for You or Someone You Love 

Perhaps the clearest sign that you could be helped by this treatment is that there’s an obvious relationship between your mental health and substance abuse. Those who often drink or abuse when they’re depressed, or recall a bad memory that causes them to drink or use drugs would absolutely be served by this treatment. If you use alcohol and/or drugs to stay focused when working on something, to deal with a potentially frightening situation, or to manage mood swings, then this treatment could help. 

Treatment For Those With Mental Health and Addiction Struggles 

Unfortunately, there are facilities that don’t offer this treatment. Thus, many who could benefit from it find that their mental health concerns and their addictions go unaddressed or improved. Treating them in isolation can hold them both back. For example, treating an addiction without dealing with the mental health concern leaves open the possibility that the patient will drink and/or abuse drugs the next time they feel sad, bad, etc. By that same token, treating the mental health concern without treating the addiction will just allow the addiction to wreak havoc on the patient’s health and life. Simultaneous treatment is the most effective. 

A Place to Believe 

We’re proud to be able to offer this treatment at Believe Detox Center. Our trained medical professionals have helped so many dealing with mental health struggles as well as addiction to be able to lead the lives that they want. That said, you don’t need to have both a mental health concern as well as an addiction to be helped here at Believe Detox Center. To learn more or to start the process, call (818) 308-3118. 

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