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Drug & Alcohol addiction has destroyed every life that steps upon its path. You may have started it for fun, but now it’s destroying your physical, emotional, and mental health. We at Believe Detox Center understand this and dedicate ourselves to offering proven drug rehab treatments in California. Our experts focus on the recovery of the overall health of individuals and help them achieve long-term recovery.

Unlike residential treatment, our approach is not restricted to short-term stabilization and sobriety. Our treatments feel like a new layer of skin and ensure a sustainable recovery from drug addiction. Believe Detox Center offers full-service drug treatment in Los Angeles by our team of professionals. That’s why we are famous among the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in California, LA.

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Why Choose Believe Detox Center for Drug Detoxification?

Here’s What Makes Us Stand Out

Believe Detox Center is among the top drug addiction recovery centers in Los Angeles, CA. Since the start, we dedicated our experts to focus on personalized addiction treatment for the best results. We assign a licensed therapist to a group of clients with a similar addiction to develop a valued relationship and trust.

During the treatment, our therapists determine the symptoms and help individuals to overcome them. From clinical care to modalities, we use various drug detoxification methods for sustainable recovery. Whether you want a treatment for yourself or your loved one, Believe Detox Center is the perfect place for you in California.

Full-Service Drug Treatment in Los Angeles

Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach works as dual diagnosis care to achieve long-term behavior modification and sobriety. In 90 days, integrated treatment, we help you stabilize your behavioral and emotional well-being to make you live a healthy lifestyle.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) detoxes the drug addiction-based clinical and holistic therapy. Our experts prescribe medications that specifically treat chronic conditions and withdraw harsher symptoms.

Clinical Care

In clinical care, our therapists use evidence-based methods to meet unique treatment needs. We also tailor the clinical programs and personalize the treatment for the best results. Our clinical care includes DBT, in-house utilization, MAT, and incidental medical services.

Treatment Modalities

Our treatment modalities in Los Angeles aims to treat substance abuse by identifying its core issues. With modalities, Believe Detox Center ensures stabilization, relapse prevention, and long-term sobriety.

Relapse Prevention

There are strong chances that drug addiction can relapse even after successful treatment. Considering this, our experts provide you with necessary relapse prevention education and methods to sustain the stabilization.

Holistic Modalities

Drugs and alcohol attack the nervous system of your body. In holistic modalities, we focus on root causes and issues responsible for substance abuse. Our experts consider mental health, spiritual disconnection, brain imbalance, and physical dependence during the treatment.

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