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How Does Healing Recovery Help During Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Are you in the process of researching rehab and detox treatment facilities for yourself or someone that you love? Have you read about “healing recovery” and aren’t sure exactly what it means? At first glance, a phrase like that might seem like simple buzzwords, a marketing tactic, something that could be responded to with: “wouldn’t everyone want a recovery that heals?” But, here at Believe Detox Center, it’s so much more than that. We aim to heal the patient’s body and mind, their whole person. 

Healing Recovery with a Focus on Nutrition 

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, it takes a toll on your physical health. Addiction does so in ways that are visible and obvious as well as those that might not necessarily be so readily observed. One insidious way it inflicts harm: nutrition. After all, if you’re in the throes of addiction, odds are low that you’re putting good food and nutrients into your body. That’s why we put such a premium on healthy eating and nutrition here at Believe Detox Center. For one, we have a top-of-the-line, experienced gourmet chef who can put together tremendously nutritional dishes you can make when you leave here, too. 

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What Nutrition Can Do for You 

For so many battling addictions, it’s the one way to make yourself feel good. There are so many awful, negative side effects, yet at the moment that you abuse a toxic substance, you feel better than you did at the moment before (even if it is, indeed, just for a moment). Learning to eat healthy, to eat right, can do more than just improve your physical health while extending your life (both of which it can absolutely do), it can also help you to find a new way to feel good, to make yourself feel good in a positive, healthy way. 

Healing the Body as Well as the Mind 

Many eat unhealthy foods, those high in sugar, caffeine, white flour, and other substances that over time can harm the body. They affect the same parts of your brain that drugs and alcohol do. They can unbalance your dopamine levels, potentially worsening your cravings for alcohol and drugs. Thus by eating healthier, you can give yourself a better chance to avoid relapse, to be able to lead a healthy and sober life once you leave Believe Detox Center. 

The Healing Can Start Today 

Now, obviously, you aren’t going to be able to abstain from drugs and alcohol by simply eating healthy or anything of that nature. But, every little bit really does help. Improving your physical and mental health can go a long, long way towards putting you more in control of your life, thus reducing your body and mind’s need for drugs and alcohol. Here at Believe Detox Center, healing nutrition is just part of what we offer, beyond detox, therapy, and more in a gorgeous, comforting environment. To start the process or learn more, call us at (818) 308-3118. 

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