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How Long Can I Stay at Rehab Retreats?

So you’re planning to check yourself or a loved one into a rehab retreat. You’ve gone through the first hurdle of recognizing the need for professional assistance, and that alone merits some props. Now, the question becomes more about what to expect. Most importantly, how long can a patient stay at rehab retreats

This is a valid question to ask because it is essentially about spending a chunk of your life in rehab. Rightfully, you’d want to know the required amount of time and what to expect. This article should answer these questions. 

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How Long Should You Stay in Rehab?

One important thing that everyone should know is that rehab isn’t only about detoxifying your body from addictive substances. That is just one part of the equation. Another equally important factor would be aftercare, which will be more about living a healthier life post-rehab, free from detrimental substances. 

As you may know, this is a process that takes time, and how long it lasts will depend on every person and their situation. But according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, longer rehab stays usually lead to higher chances of success. 

For one, a lengthier stay allows the patient more time to work with licensed professionals who can suggest workable and practical ways to deal with their situation. It gives them the opportunity to dig through the root of the problem and have a more comprehensive understanding of their addictive tendencies. 

The only downside is that longer rehab stays would mean more money spent, but it should be reasonable for as long as it is necessary. 

The Average Length of Stay in Rehab Retreats

Now let’s address the main question of the article, and we’ll base this on alcohol rehab programs. As a standard, facilities will require patients to go through at least 30 days of rehab for the initial process of treatment. 

For many people, that first 30 days is only a minimum. Some will spend months going through treatment, while others may even spend years trying to cleanse themselves from toxic substances. 

Within those 30 days, patients can expect to learn strategies on relapse prevention and identify certain personality conditions, even medical problems that need addressing. If there are mental health issues, patients will address them during this period. 

30 days is enough time for a patient to decide whether they’ll need to enroll in a longer program or not. It’s also enough time to deal and work through the physical manifestations of withdrawal, which is the most difficult stage for many patients. 

Alcohol rehab facilities will also offer 60-day and 90-day programs as a standard. 

A Reliable Rehab Retreat Facility in Los Angeles

If you live in the Granada Hills area of Los Angeles and are looking for a reliable rehab retreat facility, Believe Detox Center is a top choice. We offer detox programs that include relapse prevention and aftercare. Whether you’re dealing with alcohol abuse or struggling with harder drugs and prescription medication, you can expect your needs to be taken care of. 

For inquiries, you may call us at (818) 308-3118. 

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