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How to Know When it’s Time to go to an Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles

Have you been wondering whether or not it’s time to go to alcohol detox in Los Angeles and the surrounding area? Do you feel like it might be time to talk to someone you love about getting help with their drinking? The short, pithy answer is to say that, if you feel like you should get help with your drinking, you probably should. That said, there are other reasons to come to alcohol detox.

If You Haven’t Had a Drink in Six Hours But Feel…

For many who struggle with alcohol addiction, the first symptoms of withdrawal can appear as early as six hours from the time you stop drinking. The majority will feel an awful hangover that doesn’t lessen but worsens over time. This can also lead to excessive sweating, headaches, vomiting, agitation, anxiety, or even vomiting and an inability to sleep. Many people feel this not long after having.

Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles

What You May Feel A Day or Two After Your Last Drink

If you are unable to keep from drinking for 24 to 48 hours, then you should reach out to a detox facility immediately. That said, the period of a day or two after drinking is considered by many to be the time during alcohol withdrawal when someone struggling with addiction is most at risk. This is the time when someone could experience high blood pressure, nightmares, and even heart irregularities, palpitations, and worse. Additionally, many have hallucinations, feel confused, or even go through seizures/delirium tremens. When you’re at our detox facility, you’ll always be watched over by our staff. We can lessen all of the symptoms that you’ll face so that your detox can be as smooth as possible.

Behaviors You May Exhibit

Beyond the physical symptoms, there are behaviors clients have exhibited that have shown them it’s time to go to detox. For example, they may find that they spend so much of their time trying to get alcohol. In turn, they find that misusing alcohol has placed a strain on so many of their relationships, with friends, family, co-workers, and the like. If your alcohol tolerance has become so high if you find that you lack interest in so many of the activities that used to bring you joy, coming to detox very well could be the best decision you could make.

You Can’t Quit or Stop

Indeed, this is the most common reason that people come to a detox. They can’t stop drinking. Or rather, they can try to stop but find that they simply cannot. Many come to us after they tried to cut back on their drinking for a while and discovered that they were unable to do so. If you find yourself in this category, there’s nothing “weak” about you. All it means is that you need help from experienced professionals to be able to clear those toxins out of your body. We’ve helped so many who are in the same situation that you are right now.

After Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles

Detox is an important, genuinely life-saving step for so many. Through detox, people can clean all of those dangerous toxins out of their bodies, all while being overseen by medical professionals. That said, while detox is an important step, it is also often an important first step. So many who have come through our detox then move on to our other treatments, so that they’re able to take the next steps on their journey of recovery. For more information or to start the process, you can reach us at (818) 308-3118.

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