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Recover Yourself from Cocaine Addiction with Believe Detox Center

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous addictive stimulators that leads to severe physical and mental dependence. Cocaine addiction may have wreaked havoc on your body, but you can recover from it with professional treatments. Considering this, Believe Detox Center comes up with an expert cocaine addiction treatment to make you live a healthy and sober life.

Before we jump to our treatment, you must know what cocaine is and how it becomes your addiction.

So, let’s get started!

Cocaine — The White Poison

Sellers obtain cocaine from the coca plant and sell it as white powder or cracks. That’s why we call it a white poison. From smoking to injections, individuals abuse cocaine in various ways to enhance their sense of self-esteem. But this pleasure leads to life-threatening symptoms like physical dependence, disturbed nervous systems, and conflicts.

Cocaine mimics the dopamine generated by our brain to make us feel pleasure, reward, and happiness. Patients with cocaine addiction feel pleasure, improved physical and mental performance extreme energy after the dose. When you ingest cocaine, it stimulates the dopamine longer than the brain naturally does. That’s how it becomes your addiction!

Cocaine may improve the feeling of self-esteem, but it has the worst effects on your body. Cavity, seizure, HIV, hepatitis, and sinus are some common damages experienced by addicts. So, we recommend visiting Believe Detox Center instead of trying a self-detox.

Here’s How We Treat Your Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction comes up with various problems, including dual diagnosis and addiction relapse. Along with that, we know how patients face harsh symptoms during withdrawal. So, we have divided the cocaine addiction treatment into five levels for a comfortable recovery. Let’s explore the five levels of our addiction treatment in Los Angeles.


In cocaine addiction treatment, detox means rehabbing the effects of cocaine abuse from your body. But the problem arises with the life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. From seizure to insomnia, there is a variety of symptoms faced by patients during the treatment. At Believe Detox Center, we have certification to use MAT during the cocaine detox treatment.

Medication-Assisted Therapy helps you cop up with withdrawal symptoms and complete the treatment painlessly.

Inpatient Rehab

As the name describes, inpatient rehab means treating a patient’s addiction at the treatment facility. Our inpatient rehab program helps us understand your concerns and treat you accordingly. In this, we include CBT, DBT, contingency management, and much more to assist your recovery. Whether you want an individual or group treatment, Believe Detox Center is the best place for you.

Outpatient Program

Sometimes, it happens when some patients do not prefer a hospitalized environment during the treatment. That’s why we conduct an outpatient program to recover you from addiction while residing at home. In this program, you only need to visit us for a few hours every day throughout the week. Don’t worry! We only changed your location, not the quality of treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Patients often develop mental disorders during the cocaine addiction as well as its treatment. In dual diagnosis, we help you recover from addiction while treating your mental conditions. Even if a patient has mental disorders by birth, our dual diagnosis treatment will surely be helpful.

Aftercare Programs

As a chronic disease, cocaine addiction has the strongest chances of relapsing after the treatment. At Believe Detox Center, we did not restrict our approach to one-time cocaine addiction treatment. Our therapists conduct a 12-step aftercare program to prevent relapsing. In this, we include behavioral therapies, modalities, alumnus gatherings, and stress management.

A Sober Life is Waiting for You!

Achieve your goal to live a healthy and sober life at Believe Detox Center in California, LA. We ensure a comfortable and long-term stabilization with our cocaine addiction treatment. Let’s welcome your new life together! Call us now at (818) 308-3118 to consult our professional for free.

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At Believe Detox Center, everyone deserves freedom from addiction.

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