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Drug Detox

Say Goodbye to Drugs with Our Drug Addiction Resource

When it comes to substance abuse, nothing is more dangerous than drug addiction. Drug addiction is a malicious disease that triggers various diseases in your life. Besides heroin and cocaine, some pharmaceutical substances like opioids are also a part of drug addiction. It may surprise you that drug abuse overstimulates your feelings and destroy the whole body.

We at Believe Detox Center know the importance of professional treatment in recovering drug addicts. Thus, we are here with certified therapists and the best drug addiction treatment services in California. You are just a call away from our therapists! But before that, we would like you to see how your drug addiction is destroying your body.

How Does Drug Addiction Affect Your Health?

Like alcohol, drug addiction also affects both physical and mental health. But the methodology is completely different. In drug abuse, your body and brain keep increasing the urge of drugs every time you take them. The brain is the main target of drugs and other chemical substances you abuse for your addiction.

When you consume drugs, they start controlling the pleasure centers of your brain. Pleasure centers work with a chemical messenger (dopamine) to make you feel pleasure and reward. Surprisingly, drugs mimic this process and boost up dopamine for maximum pleasure. That’s why individuals get addicted to drugs and other related substances.

That does not stop here! Now your brain is receiving harmful chemicals from drugs. After a while, it will lead to a reduction of natural chemicals and adverse mental health. If you leave the drug abuse suddenly, the harmful chemicals will destroy your memory and nervous system.

At Believe Detox Center, our therapists have designed a slow and effective treatment for painless recovery. Our drug addiction treatment ensures long-term stabilization and prevents you from relapses.

How Do We Treat Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is likely a chronic disease that has a high chance of relapsing after the treatment. Don’t worry! We have designed an extensive treatment program to make you live an addiction-free lifestyle. Our therapists divided the drug addiction treatment into four stages for effective recovery and relapse prevention.


Inpatient is a stage in which patients enroll in our treatment program at our Believe Detox Center. In this stage, we understand your concerns or reasons that push you towards drug abuse. Our therapists will use various techniques for stabilizing your health, emotions, and behaviors. From MAT to DBT, our inpatient stage is a blend of treatment, medication, and motivation.

Partial Hospitalization

In Partial hospitalization, we allow patients to live in their residence and keep visiting us. Visits can be scheduled from once a week to seven days a week depending on the level of addiction. Like inpatients, we use the same treatment programs in partial hospitalization. Only stage changes, not our motive to get you back in your life.


Outpatient is same as the partial hospitalization. But the only difference is outpatient programs are shorter than partial hospitalization. In this, a patient needs to visit us a few days every week for 1-2 hours. This program is mainly for those in the recovery stage or who have a low intensity of drug addiction.


As discussed earlier, drug addiction is a chronic disease that can relapse even after successful treatment. We at Believe Detox Center understand this and have created an aftercare program for you. In aftercare, we invite you as an alumnus to understand and solve problems that can lead to relapse.

Life is a Word for Endless Opportunities

Believe Detox Center has catered all the expert resources to make you recover from drug addiction. If you want treatment for yourself or a loved one, we are just a call away from you. Call us now at (818)626-3990 to avail of the best drug addiction treatment in California.

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