Residential Treatment

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in California

When it comes to getting rid of substance abuse, you might be looking for an effective treatment. But a hospitalized environment can sound frustrating to you. So, where to get the best substance abuse treatment? Let’s answer this question! With years of expertise, Believe Detox Center comes up with proven residential treatments in California to meet your needs.

In residential treatment, we create a non-hospitalized environment and treat you without disturbing your lifestyle. Even it helps you improve your habits and detoxify the harms of substance abuse. Our experts focus on rectifying trauma, eating disorders, addictive and compulsive behaviors to get you back in life.

What Do We Mean By Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is a complete non-hospitalized setup designed to rehabilitate addictive behaviors. Whether you have alcohol or drug addiction, it offers a home-like environment and better care than other treatments.

Our residential treatments start from 28-day programs to 6 months or longer ones. It depends on the level of substance abuse and addictive behaviors faced by a patient. Despite further ado, we would like you to see how different types of residential treatment works.

Long Term Residential Treatment

As the name describes, we include programs of above 30 days in our long-term residential treatment. The programs start from 30 days but can reach up to one year depending on the patient’s health.

In long term residential treatments, we focus on,

  • Growth and understanding
  • Supportive behaviors
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Good self-care
  • Specialized care

Short-Term Residential Treatment

Short-term residential treatment is for those who have low or moderate addiction to substance abuse. In most cases, the program completes in 2-3 weeks, but we recommend a 28-days program for the best results. Our experts ensure to recover a patient from substance abuse and reduce the risk of relapse afterward.

Therapies we offer in our residential substance abuse treatment

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy or Psychotherapy is an individual-care therapy with personalized treatment. Mainly, we recommend this to the people who want to keep their concerns confidential. When you enroll in individual therapy, we will assign an individual therapist to help you rehab substance abuse. The therapy includes counseling, talk treatment, and solving the addictive behaviors.

Group Therapy

We believe that you can solve most problems by working as a team. In group therapy, we create a group of 5 to 15 individuals with similar concerns and assign a therapist to them. Our residential group therapy will help you in,

  • Becoming more supportive
  • Improving listening and talking ethics
  • Exploring the best strategies to handle substance abuse


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment designed to rectify thought patterns. During CBT, our experts help you get rid of negative thoughts and attitudes that lead you to substance abuse. Once you have rectified your thoughts, it becomes really easy to rehab substance abuse.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) works on treating borderline personality disorders. In DBT, we enhance your self-confidence and make you explore the best ways to handle substance abuse. Our experts help you improve and implement various DBT skills in your daily lifestyle for effective rehab.

Have a look at some DBT skills we work on:

  • Mindfulness and acceptance of the present
  • Tolerating negative emotions
  • Emotion management
  • Interpersonal effectiveness

Medical-Assisted Treatment

Believe Detox Center holds the reputation of being a certified MAT rehab center in Los Angeles. As the name describes, MAT assists other treatments with doctor-prescribed medications. If you are facing opioid use disorders, our medical-assisted treatment can help you.

Opioids may be effective in psychological support but have chronic nature. Whether you are taking methadone or naltrexone, we will help you get rid of it and live a healthier lifestyle.

Get Rid of Substance Abuse Addiction with Certified Therapists

Believe Detox Center gives a perfect start to your healthy and prosperous life with its professional treatments. Since the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to the best residential treatment center in California, LA. Dial (818)626-3990 to enroll in the best residential treatments in Los Angeles today

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