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Someone is not alone after completing drug rehabilitation and is ready for sobriety. Believe Detox Center offers alumni and aftercare services to provide support for those who have gone through addiction recovery in Los Angeles. Once patients complete their treatment, they become a part of our drug and alcohol addiction aftercare program.

Our experts supervise the alumni programs to meet their previous patients and show them appreciation. Patients will be able to build a community of people who understand their situation through a familiar family who will always be happy to see them and learn about their progress.


What is an Alumni and Aftercare Program?

Our Alumni and aftercare programs are certain events or gatherings specifically for those who have completed their main rehab treatment. Once they have completed their treatment programs, we strongly encourage them to know about our alumni aftercare program.

We continue to encourage those who have gone through addiction recovery in Los Angeles in many ways. These ways can be through alumni gatherings, fun activities to do with peers, and more. 

Oftentimes, the first year of sobriety is difficult to maintain on one’s own. Therefore, we offer our effective alumni and aftercare program. This helps patients live their lives with people who will continue to help them maintain this goal.

Even though the patient has gone through multiple treatment programs, such as drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment, recovery can truly last years for some. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 40 to 60% of people relapse after they stop maintaining a treatment plan. 

Rehab aftercare is meant to help a patient maintain sobriety. At Believe Detox Center, we prioritize our patient’s mental and physical health after their main treatment plan. As a result, we encourage patients to attend our alumni and aftercare program as it will help them ease into the community in a very efficient way. No one is alone after treatment. We will always continue to help.

Why Aftercare is Important

Addiction recovery in Los Angeles is the beginning of achieving sobriety. As patients go through treatment and therapy to better their mental and physical health, the real test begins once they graduate from the facility. Patients will be able to work, go to school, and care for their family once they complete treatment and leave. However, for some, life can become very overwhelming. That’s when they need our support the most. 

Saying no to drugs or alcohol during treatment where one is taught to say no may be easy to do. However, once patients are on their own outside of the facility it can become a difficult challenge to some. That is why rehab aftercare is vital.

Our alumni and aftercare program is a step down from higher levels of care to transition patients into living a full life of sobriety on their own. Without rehab aftercare, there is a great risk of relapse when someone is suddenly on their own after treatment.

Patients need support to ease back into their daily lives and they can find that support here at Believe Detox Center. Our staff will have gatherings and meet with patients they had before to make sure they are progressing well.

A journey is difficult to do alone, especially if it is someone’s recovery journey. That’s why aftercare is important for patients to know they are not alone and have people to come back to for advice and care.

peer support for addiction recovery in Los Angeles

How are Alumni and Aftercare Programs Useful After Treatment?

There are many useful elements our alumni and aftercare program provides for individuals finishing their addiction recovery in Los Angeles. When entering into an alumni program, patients will begin to receive any needed resources and support to stay sober.

Even though addiction treatment guides people into sobriety, it is maintaining it that can be difficult. Therefore, our alumni and aftercare program is useful for those who want a stable and healthy lifestyle.

Ways our alumni and aftercare program is useful for patients include:

  • Connecting people socially to develop friendships
  • Engaging in community activities to set a sober mind for the patient
  • Connecting patients to available resources at our facility for continued education and tools
  • Transitioning patients from rehab to normal life
  • Learning tips on coping mechanisms and how to further maintain sobriety
  • Strengthening mental health to achieve sobriety outside of the facility

Knowing about the valuable elements alumni aftercare provides will let patients know how important it is to receive aftercare. The risk of relapse can still be present.

Let us help in decreasing that risk to zero through our alumni and aftercare program. As a result, patients will begin to live a better life on their own without any burdening substances.

What to Expect at Our Alumni and Aftercare Program

Knowing what to expect during our program will give patients an idea of how we approach aftercare services. Below are a few events and activities to expect during our alumni and aftercare program. 

Alumni Gatherings

At Believe Detox Center we host gathering events and invite every alumnus after the completion of rehab treatment. Patients gather at our center to meet old friends, therapists, and new patients. Our gathering features snacks to indulge in while meeting other people who have gone through similar situations and understand what their peers are going through. At Believe Detox Center, we gather every week to stay connected and solve any problems or conflicts our patients and alumni face. 

Exciting Activities

Our experts host a variety of activities for alumni to connect with each other socially. These organized activities include sports and other fun events. We believe it helps patients engage their minds and bodies to keep them refreshed and maintain a sober mindset.

Activities include:

  • Checkers 
  • Whiffle ball
  • Soccer matches
  • Frisbee tournaments
  • Badminton 
  • Gardening
  • Carnivals
  • And more

Discussion with Mentors

Mentor group discussions are a crucial element of our alumni and aftercare program. In group sessions, we gather in our hall to listen to different speakers. From sober members to alumni, the speaker could be anyone who wants to share their experience or thoughts. Alumni and other speakers can share new coping strategies and lead meetings with whatever they would like to share. 

Motivating Current Patients

New patients have the same conditions as alumni when they started treatment at Believe Detox Center. We know that motivation is what can drive patients to do their best during recovery. As a result, we invite alumni to speak and motivate new patients with their success stories. Outpatients can also discuss their recovery experience and how our therapists have helped them through their addiction recovery in Los Angeles.

alumni supporting one another

Continue Our Effective Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles

The motive of our alumni and aftercare program is not only to gather but to support alumni as they continue their lives. We invite all alumni patients to benefit from our aftercare program and also speak about their experiences. You will not be alone once you finish your main rehab treatment.

It’s our promise to listen to you and give a professional solution to your struggles. Whether you want to discuss any lingering problems or want to build a community with peers, we are here to guide you along the way with our helpful services.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can receive support after treatment.

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