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The Benefits of Sound Therapy Healing in Rehab

The most effective healing should touch on all aspects of one’s well-being. Addiction can cause so much damage to a person’s body and spirit. 

It is widely known that sound healing can help with physical and emotional recovery. Music, for one, can potentially reduce stress, help stimulate memories, and even ease pain. Multiple studies back it up. 

But in terms of rehabbing from substance abuse, how exactly does sound therapy healing fit in? And how does it actually work?

Sound Therapy Healing: A Brief History

“Sound therapy” may sound like something new, but this practice actually dates back to centuries ago and got mainstream attention in the 1950s. Sound healing therapy grew more in popularity in the 1970s, after biophysicist Gerald Oster discovered that binaural beats can actually sync to the brain hemispheres. 

Today, this process is known as “brainwave entrainment” and can create a healthier existential frame for a recovering addict. 

Sound Therapy Healing

Is Sound Healing Therapy Accepted Within the Medical Community?

Absolutely. More than twenty clinical studies have showcased its efficiency in both providing stress relief and dealing with cognitive functioning deficits. 

There has also been evidence noting that this form of therapy has a positive impact on an individual’s behavior. 

The Types of Sound Healing Therapy

You can classify this form of treatment into two main categories: “music therapy” and “sound baths.” Music therapy, for one, allows the patient to have a form of self-expression while also improving their interpersonal skills. Additionally, it’s known to potentially provide huge benefits for one’s mental health as well. 

Sound baths, for the most part, involve objects like Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs. The vibrations are said to be effective in stimulating relaxation and healing. Since it is usually a communal experience, it allows people to connect with others even without direct interaction. 

The Benefits of Sound Therapy Healing in Rehab

While more studies are needed to make a more definite conclusion, the current findings are promising. One group of researchers found that varying sound frequencies were linked to “various energy levels and relaxation states.” 

It’s also deemed to be effective in reducing physical pain. For that reason and more, it is seen as a viable form of therapy for people dealing with substance abuse detox and those recovering from opioid abuse. Not only does it help in the detox stage of rehab, but it is also great for preventing relapse later on. 

A Reputable Rehab Facility That Offers Sound Therapy Healing

Maybe you’re struggling to find a rehab facility that offers sound therapy healing. That’s where the Believe Detox Center comes in. For those living in Granada Hills in Los Angeles, this facility offers a more holistic approach to treatment, including sound therapy. 

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