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The Facts About Alcohol Detox Programs

Did you try to stop or even cut back from drinking so much alcohol only to find that it’s impossible? Do you feel that there’s someone you care about very much who has a problem with alcohol? If either of those is the case, then alcohol detox programs very well may be the answer. Here at the Believe Detox Center, we’ve found that there are quite a few misconceptions folks tend to have about detox. Below, we explain what to know about detox.

How Long it Takes

Whether it’s from movies or television, some have the idea that detox is a lengthy process that goes on for a long time. Recovery is a journey, but the detox itself, the actual removing of the toxins from one’s body, doesn’t tend to last that long. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin within a day and tend to reach their zenith around the second or third day. For the most part, it takes about a week for the worst of the physical symptoms to pass. When you’re here, we make sure that your detox is as comfortable as possible. That’s not to say it won’t present challenges, but it will be better than if you were to do it yourself or go elsewhere.

Alcohol Detox Programs

What Makes One Detox Experience Different Than Another

Some people may go through detox without much in the way of physical pain, whereas others may find it to be incredibly challenging. Just as every person is different, so too is their detox process, how their body flushes out toxins. The length of your detox could be determined by how much alcohol you’ve consumed as well as how long you’ve been misusing it. Additionally, your physical makeup, your body itself will go a long way towards determining the length of detoxes, such as if you have any co-occurring medical conditions and the like.

You Will Be Watched Over

To that end, when you’re in our detox, you’ll be watched over by our trained medical professionals. Even the “easiest” detox isn’t “easy” for everyone. There are always difficulties and symptoms, some of which can be painful and even dangerous. So, when you’re here for detox, you’ll be watched over by our trained medical professionals. That way, you’ll always be safe and secure throughout the detox process, come what may.

Medicated-Assisted Treatment can Work

Speaking of making detox easier for those going through the process, we do offer medicated associated treatment. When you arrive, you’ll go through a thorough evaluation from our medical professionals. From there, they’ll figure out whether or not you should receive medications as part of your treatment. The goal of medicated-assisted treatment is to lessen the negative effects of withdrawal so that the process is as easy on you as possible. Again, nothing can make detox “easy,” but it can be easier through this treatment or others. As with every other aspect of detox, medicated-assisted treatment is overseen by our experienced medical professionals.

Beyond Alcohol Detox Programs

If you’re unable to keep yourself from consuming alcohol as much as you would like, then a detox can be the best decision for your needs. We’ve helped so many people who are in the same situation that you are right now. When you’re battling addiction, when you’re unable to stop drinking, it can feel like there’s no hope, nothing you can do. However, that’s not the case. If you want more information about how our detox can help or you would like to start the process, you can reach us at (818) 308-3118.

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