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Understanding Holistic Drug Rehab

Have you been looking for a drug rehab that isn’t like the rest? When you research drug rehab facilities online, does it feel like they’re all more or less the same? The truth is that your situation, your addiction, what you’re going through, isn’t exactly like what anyone else ever has. So, you need a unique treatment, one that’s specifically designed for what you need. That’s where our holistic drug rehab comes in. Here at Believe Detox Center, we can put together a one-of-a-kind treatment that’s made for you and you alone.

What Holistic Drug Rehab Tends to Focus on

Often, we’re asked some variation of “what does holistic mean in the context of rehab?” Simply put, it just means that you’re getting a personalized treatment that is, in many ways, “non-medical.” That’s not to say that it’s “non-proven” or anything of that nature. These methods have been around for many years and we’ve utilized them to help so many to get the help that they need. Rather, it means that we treat the body as well as the mind, dealing with addiction symptoms that are physical and mental in addition to imbalances in terms of nutrition and your emotional health as well.

Holistic Drug Rehab

Goals of This Treatment

For one, this treatment is about discovering what the underlying causes of your addiction are. We believe that our goal isn’t to treat “addiction,” per se. Rather, the addiction itself is a symptom. Specifically, it’s a symptom of some underlying trauma, some underlying cause. Thus, if we can work with you to find that cause, then, over time, you can overcome that and, in turn, overcome the addiction. Along the way, this treatment will also help you to become more physically fit and find ways of making yourself feel good that are healthy, safe, and positive – the opposite of misusing substances.

What Your Holistic Treatment May Consist Of

Yoga is a great example of holistic treatment. It makes you feel great physically, helps you to develop self-discipline as well as improve your fitness, all while improving your mind and your emotional health, too. Additionally, we can work with you on establishing proper nutrition, too. So many who have struggled with addiction may not be in the best of health, thus finding a way to eat right for the long term can do wonders. Of course, as with all of our treatment modalities, counseling, one on one therapy and group therapy can be a part of it as well.

Different Holistic Addiction Therapies

Another very effective holistic treatment: meditation. It can help you to be fully present in the moment so that you’re right there with your body right now, and not dealing with so many distractions, overwhelmed by your emotions, and the like. This can help to reduce stress over time, thus making it less likely that you’ll give in to cravings, strong emotions, and other triggers that could cause you to abuse substances.

More Than Holistic Treatment

Holistic therapy is one of the ways that we can help people just like you to receive help for their addictions. However, it’s just one of the ways that we can do so. When you arrive at the Believe Detox Center, our medical professionals will give you a thorough, comprehensive evaluation. From there, they’ll determine the best way to meet your needs through a treatment plan. We understand that reaching out to a facility like ours may be one of the most difficult things that a person ever does. To start the process or just to learn more, you can reach us at (818) 308-3118.

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