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What is Holistic Health and How Does It Apply to Rehab?

By definition, holistic health is an approach that encompasses multiple aspects of a person’s well-being. Apart from the physical, it also includes mental, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health. 

Prolonged use of either alcohol or hard drugs will take a toll on a person’s entire existence. That’s true whether it’s due to physical deterioration, broken family ties, burdens on the mind, emotions, and so much more. Holistic treatments can benefit in a variety of ways.

Holistic Health

Examples of Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy doesn’t just treat the symptoms by any means. Nor does this kind of therapy treat just the person’s body, for that matter. It includes so much more than that; making it possible to treat the entire person. 

One good example is art therapy, which uses art and visualization as mediums to address both emotional and psychological needs. This is also a way to help increase a person’s self-awareness.

Another great example is dance and movement therapy. The goal here is to cultivate positive change by synchronizing the body and mind with music. In effect, it can manage stress and even boost self-esteem. At the same time, all the movements involved make for good exercise for better physical health, too. 

Other forms of holistic therapy include yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. 

The right holistic treatment center will determine which kinds of treatment are right for you. For many, holistic treatments like art therapy can help in a way that other forms of treatment cannot. 

How Effective Is Holistic Therapy?  

If you’re a firm believer in traditional medicine, it may be difficult to get on board with this concept. But for many years now, many rehab facilities have conducted clinical research and learned just how beneficial holistic therapies can be. 

Just through our own work focusing on holistic health, we’ve seen so many that were able to not just get sober but to be healthier and happier, too.  

Dance therapy, for one, was found to be effective in terms of destressing

Ultimately, holistic therapy is about creating new hobbies and letting go of destructive ones like alcohol or drug abuse. One of the goals here is to prevent relapse, to be as prepared as possible for what life is like outside of the rehab facility. 

A Credible Rehab Facility That Prioritizes Holistic Health

For those living in the Granada Hills area in Los Angeles and looking for a rehab facility that offers holistic treatment, there’s Believe Detox Center. Our facility offers many different kinds of therapy, treatments, and more. When you arrive, our professionals will give you a thorough evaluation, so as to determine the best treatment for your needs. If you’re ready to take the next step, you can call us at (818) 308-3118 

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