Alumni & Aftercare Program

We Care for You Even After the Completion of Treatment!!!

Our Rehab Aftercare Program is what makes us the best rehab center in Los Angeles.

Hurray! You have completed the drug rehabilitation and are ready to live a brand-new lifestyle. It’s a great achievement for us to take you back in life. But our doesn’t end here. Believe Detox Center always invites individuals who successfully completed the drug rehab treatment. From opportunities to relapse prevention, our aftercare program has a treasure chest to hunt for you.

Our experts supervise the alumni programs to meet their previous patients and appreciate them for their achievements. Once you complete the treatment, you become a part of our drug and alcohol addiction aftercare program. It’s not just an alumnus gathering, but we have a lot more to share with you.

Here’s How We Make It Fun for You

Alumnus Gathering

As discussed above, we at Believe Detox Center invite every alumnus after the completion of rehab treatment. Patients gather at our center to meet old friends, therapists, and new patients. From snacks to meetings, the gathering features everything that will make your day. In simple words, you can visit the place that has changed your life for good while enjoying mouth-watering delectable.

At Believe Detox Center, we gather every week to stay connected and solve your problems if there are any. Rest you’re most welcome to visit our drug rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.

Exciting Games

We well explored how we gather and what we do at gatherings. Now it’s time to talk about the most thrilling part of our Alumni & Aftercare program. Yes, you get that right! Our experts host exciting games, including sports and social activities. We believe it helps you engage your mind and body and keep them refreshed.

Let’s explore the list of our exciting games:

  • Checkers Games
  • Whiffle Ball
  • Soccer Matches
  • Frisbee tournaments
  • Badminton Games

Games are countless, and so does social events. Besides games, we also organize various social events, including gardening, carnivals, etc.

Discussion with Mentor

Mentor group discussion is a crucial part of our alumni & aftercare program in California, LA. In group sessions, we gather up in our hall for speaker meetings. From a sober member to an alumnus, the speaker could be anyone who wants to share his thoughts. Even if you have some new coping strategies, you can lead the speaker meeting with your thoughts.

Motivating Current Patients

Remember your condition when you visited the Believe Detox Center for the first time. The new patients have the same conditions, and we need you to become their ideal. In this, we invite you on the stage and motivate the new patients with your success stories. Outpatients discuss their recovery experience and how our therapists helped them.

Your story will surely match with one of the new patients and motivate him to recover as you did.

There’s a Secret

The motive of our aftercare program is not only for gatherings, but it’s a part of your rehab treatment. We invite all the outpatients to analyze their activities and prevent them from addiction relapse. Also, you have a chance to meet us every week and share any problems you are facing. It’s our promise that we will listen to you and give a professional solution to your problems.

Whether you have withdrawal or relapse symptoms, our experts are here to help you. Just visit Believe Detox Center at 17354, Tribune Street, Granada Hills, CA (91344)

Want to know more about our alumni & aftercare program in California, LA? Call us today at (818)626-3990 to consult our certified therapists.

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