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About Believe Detox Center Los Angeles, California

Believe Detox Center is one of the most trusted drug and alcohol treatment centers for detox in Los Angeles, California. Since the beginning, we have provided our clients with a safe, comfortable, and effective detox experience. Our team of addiction specialists is committed to treating clients with dignity, kindness, and compassion. Most importantly, through our individualized treatment plans and resources, our clients can continue their recovery after a successful detox.

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat clients in a nonjudgmental way, during treatment. Also, we provide expert clinical care and approved medications by the ASAM when appropriate. At Believe Detox Center, we are committed to making detox in Los Angeles comfortable and stable. Our therapists treat every client just like family. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve watched addiction claim thousands of American lives. It’s often people who don’t enroll in a treatment program due to fear of withdrawal symptoms. Also, I wonder how many rehab centers fail to show clients understanding and respect, thereby causing many to leave treatment early. We are determined to treat our clients as family while guiding them back to sober living. Our Believe Detox Center focuses on effective and comfortable addiction treatment. From holistic activities to the aftercare program, we’ve included some unique tools for better engagement. I’ve guided my therapists to treat every client with respect and dignity. It’s a blessing for us to see the positive outcomes for our clients. We look forward to serving thousands more.”

CEO Believe Detox Center

Why Choose Believe Detox Center for Addiction Treatment?

We offer clinically-proven treatments. At Believe Detox Center, we offer the most effective fact-based treatments to empower our clients. Our rehabilitation approach is a blend of medication, treatments, and behavioral change, in a supportive environment. As a result, our detox center gives our clients the tools they need to continue their recovery journey. Some of the services we offer during our program include the following: 

    Experienced Therapists

    Recovering from addiction is much more than just detox. Substance use disorder is a chronic disease. Therefore, after detox people must continue to manage their sobriety and stay active in recovery. A trained therapist plays a crucial role in making addiction treatment comfortable and successful. At Believe Detox Center, we have a team of experienced therapists and professionals to support the patient’s recovery. Our Team at Believe Detox Los Angeles includes:

    • Specialists of addiction care and recovery
    • Trained psychiatrists
    • Licensed vocational nurses
    • Gourmet chef
    • Trained discharge coordinators

      24/7 Service

      Our compassionate and professional addiction specialists are available around-the-clock if problems arise. They have the experience and knowledge to fully support clients during the detox process. So, our team is available 24/7 for support, comfort, and safety.

        Nonjudgmental Loving Environment

        Believe Detox Center has replaced the definition of hospitalized treatment with a loving environment. We provide care according to each client’s individual needs. Also, our therapists understand it may be difficult for some people to open up during group sessions. They provide guidance and support in a way that helps individuals feel safe. Additionally, individual counseling is also a big part of our program.

          Long-Term Stabilization

          Our approach to helping our clients achieve long-term sobriety makes us stand out in the industry. At Believe Detox Center, we know that detox is only the first step in recovery. We assist each client with arranging the next steps after detox. We have many resources to help clients take back control of their lives. Also, to continue support, our trained therapists conduct aftercare programs weekly.

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            Drug and alcohol detox is not easy, but it is worth it. With that in mind, our detox center includes amenities and comforts to create a positive experience and build a sense of community in recovery. View our gallery below to see what we offer at our detox centers in Southern California:

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