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From teenagers to adults, marijuana is a famous abused substance easily available in the US. Sellers obtain it from the flower, seed, stem, or leaves of cannabis. If we explain it further, marijuana is a blend of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Both are chemical compounds available in marijuana and known as cannabinoids.

THC produces euphoria (feeling of pleasure), whereas CBD is famous for reducing pain and preventing seizures. In marijuana addiction, only THC plays a role in creating dependence and long-term feelings of pleasure. That’s what gets you addicted to marijuana. At Believe Detox Center, we help you overcome the addiction and harmful impact of marijuana on your body.

Before we explore our treatments, you must know how marijuana is destroying your health. So, let’s get started!

How Marijuana Destroy Your Health?

Marijuana addiction is a chronic disease that attacks your body as a “whole person.” It may surprise you that the addiction affects your physical, mental, and emotional health. Even some health diseases can become permanent if your addiction intensity is high. Here are some common effects of marijuana on your body.

  • Mental Health

Marijuana can cause serious mental problems that may last permanently. You may face difficulty in decision making, lower IQ, memory dysfunction, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, some patients also experience emotional imbalance, psychotic episodes, and paranoia.

  • Physical Healt

Besides mental health, marijuana barely destroys your physical health as well. It causes chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, high heart rate, loss of movement and balance. Sometimes, patients also face lowered immunity, lack of coordination, and athletic performance due to the addiction.

  • Daily life

Daily life includes educational outcomes, driving, career, relationships, creativity, and much more. Marijuana decreases coordination and concentration that barely affect your daily life tasks. A person with marijuana addiction may misread road signs and horns while driving which may lead to accidents.

Our Marijuana Addiction Treatments

At Believe Detox Center, we have created a blend of medications, treatments, and behavioral change. Our marijuana addiction treatment in Los Angeles focuses on long-term stabilization without relapsing. Here’s how our treatments can help you in recovering from marijuana addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Like every abused substance, marijuana also features various withdrawal symptoms. That’s why we have included medication-assisted treatment in our program. At Believe Detox Center, we provide pain relievers, anti-anxiety medication, and sleep aids during the treatment. These medicines support the detox process and ensure a painless recovery from marijuana addiction.

Believe Detox Center has been certified by ASAM to use MAT during the detox and marijuana addiction treatment.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is a therapy in which we help you manage your problems and emotions to reduce relational conflicts. In our DBT program, you will practice mindfulness, effective communication, and emotion regulation for a completely new lifestyle. Also, our therapists help you explore innovative solutions to the problems that lead you towards addiction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is another therapy designed to improve your behaviors for easy recovery from marijuana addiction. In our CBT program, we identify your problematic thoughts and behavior patterns that lead you towards addiction. After that, our therapists help you rectify them by clinically proven methods.

We will help you improve self-control, decision-making, ability to handle thoughts, and address co-occurring challenges.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivation is the key to achieving your goals. A motivated person has the courage to face all the problems and hit the target. Considering this, we keep you internally motivated throughout the treatment to enhance your engagement. It helps you in completing the treatment as per our guidance without leaving it in between.

Holistic Treatment Program

Holistic treatment program is an extensive part of our marijuana addiction treatment. In this, we introduce various activities like sports, gardening, social works, and role play. These activities keep you engaged and promote the overall improvement of your life. As you stay engaged in these activities, you even forget that your body was habitual to marijuana abuse.

Time to Welcome Your Brand-New Life

Believe Detox Center is the best place if you are looking for marijuana addiction treatment in California. From therapists to expert resources, we have everything to meet your needs. Just call now at (818) 626-3990 to consult our therapists for free.

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