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Relapse Prevention: Strategies, Goals, and How it Works

Have you been looking for a detox and rehab center that will help you to not only get sober but to stay that way? Are you concerned about how, once you leave a detox and rehab center, you’ll be able to stay sober then? These are natural, understandable concerns. Perhaps the primary goal of any detox and rehab center is relapse prevention, to help a patient to be able to lead a sober, happy, and healthy life once they leave the facility. We have many ways of helping our patients to prevent relapse for many years to come. 

Coping Skills, Awareness, and More About Relapse Prevention

In the course of living one’s life outside of a detox and rehab center, it is essentially impossible to be able to avoid “high-risk” situations forever. However, what we can do is to help patients to become better aware of the potential negative consequences of these situations while also challenging any potential positive expectations surrounding the abuse of substances. Basically, we help you to be able to develop a repertoire of coping skills that put you in control when you’re in situations that carry a high risk of relapse so that you’ll be prepared for anything. 

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How it Works 

It’s entirely possible that you’ll find yourself in an unexpected situation, where you didn’t realize that, out of nowhere essentially, you would have to abstain from drinking or using drugs. We can help you to develop communication techniques (“assertive drink and drug refusal,” for starters) as well as a better way to handle intense cravings. This is all done to improve your self-efficacy so that you can have all of the earned confidence in the world in your ability to be able to abstain from substance abuse in any situation. 

Skills in Preventing Relapse Grow Over Time 

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, then, almost assuredly, your main coping response to life’s challenges has been substance use. Preventing relapse is about developing the kinds of skills to allow you to deal with high-risk situations that you can anticipate as well as those that arise unforeseen. But, over time, your confidence in your ability to meet the challenges in your life without substance use can grow, so that it’s more likely that you’ll be able to prevent relapse on your own. Success begets success when it comes to preventing relapse. We can help you start. 

Believe Detox Center Addiction Treatment Center 

If you’re struggling with addiction right now, this can all sound more or less “pie in the sky.” But, it’s true. We’ve seen it happen. In fact, we see it happen every day. To be in the position to prevent relapse, of course, you need to be clean, and sober. By working with a team of medical professionals, all focused on your recovery, you can develop the kinds of skills that will put you in control of your own health and your own life for good. To take the first step or to learn more about our addiction treatment center call (818) 308-3118. 

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