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Detox Facilities in Los Angeles Offering Family Interventions

Reputable detox facilities in Los Angeles know the importance of family interventions as part of the recovery process. In most cases, many patients will have been abandoned by friends and peers, and their families are all they’ve got. 

In other instances, family interventions are necessary to help the patient realize how their substance abuse is affecting everyone around them. The situation becomes all the more painful with children involved, and this is why it is essential for facilities to offer this very important service. 

But what role does family intervention play in the rehab process? Read on to find out. 

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What Is an Intervention?

Interventions aren’t random gatherings between people. For one, these events are usually carefully planned by the individual’s close kin. It’s also important for an intervention to be overseen by a licensed professional. In the case of substance abuse, a doctor or an alcohol or drug counselor would be present. The tricky thing about interventions is that things can easily go out of hand, especially if there is strong resistance from the beleaguered individual. A key role of the professional in attendance is to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible. 

During the intervention, the people present are made to provide specific examples of the destructive behaviors they’ve experienced from their loved ones during the substance use. They will also need to offer a treatment plan outlining clear-cut steps to achieve their goals. 

Each person should also have a plan of action, should their affected loved one refuse to undergo treatment. 

Who Should Be Present During the Intervention?  

Ideally, the people present in the intervention should only be those who have a close relationship with the substance user. The immediate family should automatically be there, along with some very few close friends. 

Another good question would be ‘Who SHOULDN’T attend the intervention?’ Anyone whom your affected loved one dislikes or has a rift with shouldn’t be there, as their presence could trigger negative emotions. Likewise, anyone who is dealing with unmanaged mental health issues or substance abuse problems of their own shouldn’t be there. 

How Do Family Interventions Work? 

Family interventions are all about having a clear understanding of what their loved one is going through. Usually, it involves four aspects: first, knowing what addiction really is and how to improve the situation. The second aspect is about enabling. The focus here isn’t on the person abusing substances and how enabling is affecting them. Rather, the spotlight is on the person doing the enabling. The third aspect revolves around codependency and having the family members develop more empathy towards their loved ones. The fourth and final aspect is the reaction from the abuser. 

For many who go through these intervention processes, this is the most difficult aspect to deal with. And what’s usually considered to be a “successful” intervention is if the family is able to convince their kin to enter rehab. It can be a grueling, even volatile process, but it will be all worth it once the main goal is achieved. 

Are there Any Detox Facilities in Los Angeles That Offer Family Interventions?  

Short answer: yes. For those living in the Granada Hills area, check out our facility Believe Detox Center. Our group and family therapy sessions are usually overseen by a licensed professional who will provide the needed guidance and expertise. Our main focus here is to improve communication skills and build stronger relationships with one another to prevent further conflicts from arising. 

For inquiries, call us at (818) 308-3118.

How Does Healing Recovery Help During Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Are you in the process of researching rehab and detox treatment facilities for yourself or someone that you love? Have you read about “healing recovery” and aren’t sure exactly what it means? At first glance, a phrase like that might seem like simple buzzwords, a marketing tactic, something that could be responded to with: “wouldn’t everyone want a recovery that heals?” But, here at Believe Detox Center, it’s so much more than that. We aim to heal the patient’s body and mind, their whole person. 

Healing Recovery with a Focus on Nutrition 

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, it takes a toll on your physical health. Addiction does so in ways that are visible and obvious as well as those that might not necessarily be so readily observed. One insidious way it inflicts harm: nutrition. After all, if you’re in the throes of addiction, odds are low that you’re putting good food and nutrients into your body. That’s why we put such a premium on healthy eating and nutrition here at Believe Detox Center. For one, we have a top-of-the-line, experienced gourmet chef who can put together tremendously nutritional dishes you can make when you leave here, too. 

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What Nutrition Can Do for You 

For so many battling addictions, it’s the one way to make yourself feel good. There are so many awful, negative side effects, yet at the moment that you abuse a toxic substance, you feel better than you did at the moment before (even if it is, indeed, just for a moment). Learning to eat healthy, to eat right, can do more than just improve your physical health while extending your life (both of which it can absolutely do), it can also help you to find a new way to feel good, to make yourself feel good in a positive, healthy way. 

Healing the Body as Well as the Mind 

Many eat unhealthy foods, those high in sugar, caffeine, white flour, and other substances that over time can harm the body. They affect the same parts of your brain that drugs and alcohol do. They can unbalance your dopamine levels, potentially worsening your cravings for alcohol and drugs. Thus by eating healthier, you can give yourself a better chance to avoid relapse, to be able to lead a healthy and sober life once you leave Believe Detox Center. 

The Healing Can Start Today 

Now, obviously, you aren’t going to be able to abstain from drugs and alcohol by simply eating healthy or anything of that nature. But, every little bit really does help. Improving your physical and mental health can go a long, long way towards putting you more in control of your life, thus reducing your body and mind’s need for drugs and alcohol. Here at Believe Detox Center, healing nutrition is just part of what we offer, beyond detox, therapy, and more in a gorgeous, comforting environment. To start the process or learn more, call us at (818) 308-3118. 

The Facts About Alcohol Detox Programs

Did you try to stop or even cut back from drinking so much alcohol only to find that it’s impossible? Do you feel that there’s someone you care about very much who has a problem with alcohol? If either of those is the case, then alcohol detox programs very well may be the answer. Here at the Believe Detox Center, we’ve found that there are quite a few misconceptions folks tend to have about detox. Below, we explain what to know about detox.

How Long it Takes

Whether it’s from movies or television, some have the idea that detox is a lengthy process that goes on for a long time. Recovery is a journey, but the detox itself, the actual removing of the toxins from one’s body, doesn’t tend to last that long. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin within a day and tend to reach their zenith around the second or third day. For the most part, it takes about a week for the worst of the physical symptoms to pass. When you’re here, we make sure that your detox is as comfortable as possible. That’s not to say it won’t present challenges, but it will be better than if you were to do it yourself or go elsewhere.

Alcohol Detox Programs

What Makes One Detox Experience Different Than Another

Some people may go through detox without much in the way of physical pain, whereas others may find it to be incredibly challenging. Just as every person is different, so too is their detox process, how their body flushes out toxins. The length of your detox could be determined by how much alcohol you’ve consumed as well as how long you’ve been misusing it. Additionally, your physical makeup, your body itself will go a long way towards determining the length of detoxes, such as if you have any co-occurring medical conditions and the like.

You Will Be Watched Over

To that end, when you’re in our detox, you’ll be watched over by our trained medical professionals. Even the “easiest” detox isn’t “easy” for everyone. There are always difficulties and symptoms, some of which can be painful and even dangerous. So, when you’re here for detox, you’ll be watched over by our trained medical professionals. That way, you’ll always be safe and secure throughout the detox process, come what may.

Medicated-Assisted Treatment can Work

Speaking of making detox easier for those going through the process, we do offer medicated associated treatment. When you arrive, you’ll go through a thorough evaluation from our medical professionals. From there, they’ll figure out whether or not you should receive medications as part of your treatment. The goal of medicated-assisted treatment is to lessen the negative effects of withdrawal so that the process is as easy on you as possible. Again, nothing can make detox “easy,” but it can be easier through this treatment or others. As with every other aspect of detox, medicated-assisted treatment is overseen by our experienced medical professionals.

Beyond Alcohol Detox Programs

If you’re unable to keep yourself from consuming alcohol as much as you would like, then a detox can be the best decision for your needs. We’ve helped so many people who are in the same situation that you are right now. When you’re battling addiction, when you’re unable to stop drinking, it can feel like there’s no hope, nothing you can do. However, that’s not the case. If you want more information about how our detox can help or you would like to start the process, you can reach us at (818) 308-3118.

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